Various bodies, including FSA, RTAC, MTAAC, QUPP and NPAAC, decide the legislation, regulations, guidelines and Codes of Practice under which our profession (ART Scientists: Embryologists, Andrologists, Geneticists, Biochemists) will function. Formal SIRT representation is critical for us to direct, promote and enhance our profession.

SIRT Regional Representatives facilitate interaction among SIRT members in their region and act as a formal point-of-contact for SIRT members and the SIRT Committee in the represented region, and are familiar with specific issues and needs in their region.

The Representation Sub-Committee (RSC) is composed of two SIRT Committee Representation positions and all appointed SIRT Representatives.  As of September 2013, the two SIRT Committee positions are both called Coordinator of Representatives.

The Role of the Coordinator of Representatives is to:

  • oversee all of the SIRT Representatives and

  • to develop and manage representation activities

SIRT Representatives

SIRT-FSA Rep: Dr Petra Wale

Conduit between SIRT and the Fertility Society of Australia

SIRT-RTAC Rep: Dr Chris Copeland

Represents SIRT on the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee

SIRT-MTAAC-NATA Rep: Mr Keith Harrison

Represents SIRT on the Medical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee

SIRT-Pathology-QUPP-NPAAC Rep: Dr Nadine Richings

Represents SIRT in Pathology forums, including the Quality Use of Pathology Program and the National Pathology Accreditation Advisory Council

Representation Coordinator: Emma Lingham

Regional Representation

  • NSW: Lisa Goulding
  • VIC: Dr Lisa Lee
  • SA/NT: Anna Dick
  • QLD: Dr Kristy Demmers
  • WA: Melissa Vitorino
  • TAS: Dr Kerri Johnson
  • NZ & ACT: TBA

If you would like to volunteer for one of the unfilled Regional Rep positions please contact the SIRT Rep Coordinator ( The Position Description for the SIRT Regional Reps can be viewed here