Various bodies, including FSA, RTAC, MTAAC, QUPP and NPAAC, decide the legislation, regulations, guidelines and Codes of Practice under which our profession functions. Formal SIRT representation is critical for us to direct, promote and enhance our profession.

SIRT Regional Representatives address the specific needs of each region (NZ, Tas, Vic, NSW, Qld, WA, SA/NT, ACT).

SIRT Representatives

  • SIRT-FSA Representative: Dr Petra Wale. Represents SIRT on the Board of the Fertility Society of Australia

  • SIRT-RTAC Representative: Dr Petra Wale. Represents SIRT on the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee

  • SIRT-MTAAC-NATA Representative: Ms Samantha Simpson. Represents SIRT on the Medical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee

  • ACCMLSW: Dr Kristy Demmers. Director representing FSA and SIRT on the Board of the Australian Council for the Certification of the Medical Laboratory Scientific Workforce ACCMLSW:

  • AIMS-APACE: Ms Kate Watson, represents SIRT on the APACE committee of AIMS.

  • AIMS: Dr Kristy Demmers, member of the Ratification Committee for Immigration Assessment of IVF Scientists