SIRT Embryology Training Manual & Logbook

A survey of SIRT members in September 2010 regarding education, training and professional development indicated a strong desire for certification of clinical embryologists.  Conducted by SIRT education coordinators Dr Nadine Richings and Dr Sally Catt, the survey showed that embryologists in Australia and New Zealand wanted to gain and maintain high professional standards and be able to demonstrate this achievement through a certification process.  The education sub-committee, comprising Nadine, Sally and Jen Krapez, then began the process of introducing a training scheme, continuing professional development (CPD) program and accreditation. 

The first step was for a project team headed by Dr Steven Fleming to review the SIRT logbook with the intention of transforming it into a SIRT Competency and Training Manual.  During this review period, a CPD partnership with AIMS was initiated and the first certificates were issued late in 2012.  The Competency and Training Manual then evolved into a professional document that could be used to incorporate training, CPD and certification.  It was decided at the SIRT committee meeting on Rottnest in May 2015 that the combination of two tenders to produce the SIRT Embryology Training Manual and Logbook was desirable, and the project was awarded to Dr Jim Catt and Emma Lingham.

The Embryology Training Manual and Logbook is a comprehensive document and the SIRT committee expresses its gratitude to Jim and Emma for their hard work.  We also thank our members and sponsors whose contributions make projects like this possible. 

The next objective is to incorporate the manual into the CPD scheme so competencies can be used to obtain points.  We aim for this to evolve into a certification scheme that will acknowledge and certify clinical embryologists as has occurred among our colleagues in the United Kingdom through the Association of Clinical Embryologists.


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