SIRT Textbook

SIRT TextbookThe SIRT textbook was published as a hard copy in 2008.  This training textbook, edited by Steven Fleming and Simon Cooke, was developed largely by these two editors as well as the chapter authors, the SIRT committee, and past and current SIRT sponsors.

With the number of tasks that a trainee is required to learn in a clinical IVF Laboratory, there is a need for an understanding of the importance of why various tasks must be performed in a given manner. The textbook aims to cover the gap between learning tasks in the IVF lab and the rationale for the methodology. 

It is expected that those chapters pertinent to any given technique should be read in conjunction with the training undertaken to achieve technical competence.  The textbook encourages readers to focus on critical aspects of each technique which are crucial to success, and motivates them to question whether there may be even better ways to perform a given technique and achieve improved outcomes. 

Using this book and the other learning tools which will become available through the SIRT website, it is anticipated that both technical competence and proper understanding of the technique being mastered will be achieved.

All SIRT members now have access to this resource as a pdf, mobi or epub download through the members section of this website.  After log in, navigate to Members/Resources for the link.