Education & Professional Development

National SIRT Meetings: Attend two subsidised SIRT meetings each year. Generally SIRT Members pay around 45% of actual cost of the meeting with SIRT Sponsorship covering the rest.

  • The Mid-Year Meeting is usually held over a weekend and is aimed at making attendance at a professional meeting available to all members.

  • The One-Day Meeting is associated with the FSA Annual Scientific Meeting. 

 See the Events page and SIRTmail for further details of upcoming meetings

Regional SIRT MeetingsSIRT members have free or heavily discounted access to local educational events arranged by regional SIRT representatives, aimed at increasing education as well as fostering regional networking with other members and sponsors. Contact your local representative for more details.

Professional Development: SIRT membership includes admission to a professional Continuing Professional Development Scheme. Journal-based learning opportunities are also included in the SIRT Newsletter, and available in the members-only section.

Certification/Registration: IVF scientists in Australia can now apply for professional certification.

Training: The SIRT Embryology Training Manual & Log book is a valuable resource for training and competency assessment of IVF scientists.