Benefits of Membership

SIRT Membership Benefits

IF there are no SIRT Members, there is no SIRT!
More SIRT Members means more SIRT activity.

All SIRT Members benefit from the following SIRT activities, listed under the Four Pillars of SIRT:


  • Two heavily subsidised Scientific Meetings: 1-day End-of-Year Meeting and 2-day Mid-Year Meeting. (Generally SIRT Members pay ~45% of actual cost, SIRT Sponsorship pays the other ~55%)
  • Financial support (Travel Stipend) for a selection of Early Career Scientists to attend the 2 Day SIRT Meeting to present their research in a designated session. Winner’s Prize = Travel stipend to attend a Scientific Conference.
  • SIRT Textbook
  • Journal-based Learning (In SIRT Newsletter)
  • CPD Scheme (managed through the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS))
  • SIRT Competency & Training Manual (including the SIRT Logbook to record training)
  • Regional SIRT Meetings: to foster regional networking and liaisons and offer learning opportunities to more SIRT Members, and more networking opportunities for SIRT Sponsors with SIRT Members

In development: 

  • SIRT Textbook, 2nd Edition

Information & Communication

  • 4 x Editions of SIRT Newsletter, SIRT Quarterly
  • SIRTMail for regular and ad hoc information, communication and networking opportunities. Any SIRT member can contact the SIRT Membership - post information, ask for advice or help.
  • A new independent website,
  • Social Media Profiles: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

In development:

  • News feed of regular information on the SIRT Website

Representation & Advocacy

SIRT Members are formally represented by elected and nominated SIRT Members on:

  • The FSA Board
  • RTAC: FSA’s Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee
  • NATA-MTAAC: NATA’s Medical Testing Accreditation Advisory Committee
  • Pathology-NPAAC-QUPP: government bodies that regulate Pathology

All these bodies decide the legislation, regulations, guidelines and Codes of Practice under which our profession (ART Scientists: Embryologists, Andrologists, Geneticists, Biochemists) will function. Formal SIRT representation is critical for us to direct, promote and enhance our profession.

  • Regional representation to address the specific needs of each region (NZ, Tas, Vic, NSW, Qld, WA, SA/NT, ACT)

In development:

  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs) that will develop guidelines & activities in specific areas
  • Certification of Embryologists, accredited by a 3rd party.


  • Attract funds from Sponsors to support SIRT activities
  • Manage SIRT's funds
  • Formally record all SIRT policies, protocols and procedures in the SIRT Manual
  • Promote and enhance the standing of SIRT as a Professional Body
  • Oversee all the above activities

Any SIRT Member can volunteer their time, skills, expertise, experience and enthusiasm and nominate for a position on the SIRT Committee, one of the SIRT SubCommittees (e.g. Education SubCommittee, Representation SubCommittee), a SIRT Representative or be a member of the Local Organising Committee when a SIRT Meeting is hosted in your city.


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