01 September 2015

SIRT Committee Election Results

SIRT Committee Election Results

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10 November 2016

14th Annual Meeting of the International Androgen Excess and PCOS Society (AEPCOS)

This year, Australia will be hosting the international Androgen Excess and PCOS Society's annual meeting, to be held in Lorne, Victoria from the 10th-12th November. On behalf of the AE-PCOS and The Centre for Research Excellence in PCOS, we would like to extend an invitation to your society’s members.

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Scientists in Reproductive Technology (SIRT) is a sub-group representing the scientific membership of The Fertility Society of Australia. As such it is bound by the constitution of The Fertility Society of Australia. SIRT was founded in the early 1990’s to promote professional excellence amongst the scientists working in the field of assisted reproduction and fertility. SIRT now has in excess of 400 members in Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. Read more.

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